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Caroline Sandström



I would love to wear this Prada inspired dark blue cotton jacket with white stitches from Topshop this spring. I want a new scarf from Hermès but I can’t decide what pattern or colour to go for. Way to expensive for me but a wishful classic piece to own. This bag from Mango is just that perfect beach bag I’ve been looking for. In love with these brown and special made for Net-a-porter sandals from my favourite leather sandals brand ATP Atelier.



On my mind at the moment.

In love with these jeans from Topshop which has the perfect vintage blue colour. I wouldn’t say no to bring these sandals from Álvaro on my upcoming vacation. Well, this Hermès scarf is just beautiful. We’re looking for new art at home and I love the black and white motive by Manuel Alvarez Bravo featuring Frida Kahlo at the Picasso Exhibition and the ‘Nu Bleu II’ by Henri Matisse which I’m actually currently bidding on right now. A few weeks ago I lost my key purse from Louis Vuitton. I miss it so much (I’m so tired that my keys are scratching everything in my bag at the moment) so maybe I go for it one more time. I also manage to buy two new chandeliers called ”liljan” from my favourite interior brand Skultuna.



Watch, Cartier. Silver bracelet, All Blues. Leather bracelet, Hermès

Minns ni det här inlägget? Här är mitt nya (ja eller egentligen två nya, inna Paris slog jag till på silverarmbandet från All Blues som jag velat ha så länge) armband från Hermés. Älskar det och valde just den här modellen då man även kan använda det ”ut och in”. Så den ena sidan är svart som på bilden och den andra mörkbrun. Sedan slog jag även till eftersom jag ville ha ett armband som matchade min klocka.

Do you remember this post? Well, say hello to my new bracelet from Hermés. I love to mix and match different bracelets and especially with my watch. And thats why I choosed this particular model because it goes so well with it. So this is from now my everyday combination on my right arm wrist.


Förutom tröjan slog jag även till på två andra saker i Paris varav den ena ligger i den här orange boxen. Kika in lite senare idag eller imorgon så får ni se vad.

When in Paris… Except the sweater, I bought two more things in Paris and one of them rest in this orange box. Can you guess what?

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