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Caroline Sandström

Boucheron rugs


Seven things I would like to update myself with in october:
I want a new fresh red knitted sweater to wear with my black skinny jeans and my dark blue peacoat. Preferably this from H&M that Hanna and Ellen got me thinking of. I want to smell something fresh and new and maybe Byredos new scent ”Rose of no man’s land” can do the trick. As you know I’m looking for a new bag but I can’t decide which one to go for and if the money is worth it. Everything I want is so expensive. I broke all of my other leather pants so I really need a new pair. Asap. And I like these from Polo Ralph Lauren. I need a new rug in my bedroom and I love every single one of the beautiful handmaded Moroccan Boucheron rugs. Maybe I can dare pink? Skultuna finally released ”Kin” in copper and I would love to buy two more to mix it up with my other ones in silver. I always wear my ”C” around my neck and recently I found this lovetag with diamonds from Jane Koenig I would like to combined it with.


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